Smart Marriages Pre-Conference


Thursday, June 22, 2006—9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The Marriott Marquis Hotel

265 Peachtree Center Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia

(Revised 6/14/06)




LDS Marriage Network Meeting Times (during Smart Marriages Conference)


Thurs, Jun 22, 9 am - 5 pm             LDS Marriage Network Smart Marriages Pre-Conference (Conf room--International B) Check in begins 8 am.


Thurs, Jun 22, 8:30 pm - 10 pm      LDS Marriage Network "Meet and Greet" (10th floor Skyline Terrace/Lounge)


Fri. Jun 23, 12 -12:45 pm               LDS Marriage Network Lunch Meeting (10th floor Skyline Terrace/Lounge)


Sat, Jun 24, 12:30 - 1:15 pm          LDS Marriage Network Lunch Meeting (10th floor Skyline Terrace/Lounge)


Sun. Jun 25, 7 - 8 am                     LDS Marriage Network Sacrament/Testimony Meeting (Scott Gardner's Marriott Marquis hotel room)


NOTE:    Please check the Smart Marriages message board for any changes to meeting times/locations. The LDS Marriage Network contact number will be 609-556-8749 during the Smart Marriages conf.





Conference Agenda (Thursday, June 22, 2006)


8:00 am            Check in/Registration


9:00 am            Welcome CConference Participants; Introduction of LDS Marriage Network Committee – Sean Brotherson


9:10 am            “The Unending Consequences of Marriage”:  Vision and Purposes of the LDS Marriage Network – Sean Brotherson, PhD; H. Wallace Goddard, PhD; Maurine Proctor, Editor Meridian Magazine.


9:40 am            What is Your Vision and Purpose for Strengthening Marriage? – Participant Sharing Session and Discussion


10:30 am          Break


10:45 am          What We Really Know About Marriage Among Latter-day Saints – James Marshall, PhD


11:15 am          First Principles of Marriage and Other Insights for Reaching Latter-day Saints with Marriage Education – H. Wallace Goddard, PhD


11:45 am          Key Issues in Marriage for LDS Newlyweds: A Summary of New Research – David Schramm, PhD candidate


12:15 pm          Break for Lunch


1:15 pm            Intimacy Issues and Spirituality Among Latter-day Saint Couples – Karen Brash McGreer, PhD; Greg McGreer, PhD; Laura M. Brotherson, CFLE


2:00 pm            Brainstorming and Action Planning for Strengthening Marriages in the LDS Community – Break into Groups:

(1)   Research and Resources (Chair: Sean Brotherson)

(2)   Education and Outreach (Chair: Wally Goddard)

(3)   Networking and Collaboration (Chair: Laura Brotherson)

(4)   Policy/Media (Chair: Maurine Proctor)

(5)   …other ad hoc groups based on participant interest


3:30 pm            Group Sharing and Discussion with Large Group – Where Do We Go from Here?Are We Going Next? (Large group discussion)


4:00 pm            Question and Answer Session with Panel – Sean Brotherson, Wally Goddard, Maurine Proctor, Laura Brotherson, Steve Duncan, James Marshall, Scott Gardner